7 tháng 4, 2008

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WSWD Information 2008


Tuesday April 15 has been identified as the World Social Work Day 2008. As you know, the IFSW General Meeting has decided to celebrate the day during the northern spring, and it was necessary to move the day into April to avoid it being to close to the Christian Easter, which is a time of vacation for many members. We are still working on having the day acknowledged by the United Nations, and it can therefore happen that another day can be selected in 2009.

We hope that as many as possible of you will be able to celebrate the day on the same date, but we also understand if some member organizations decide to select another day that better fits national considerations.

A special poster has been developed in cooperation with the National Association of Social Workers, USA, and you will find it attached as a PDF. The poster is in all three official IFSW languages, English, French and Spanish.

The theme for the WSSD is the same as our 50-year Jubilee slogan: Social Work - Making a World of Difference.

Within this broad framework we encourage you to seek a theme that fits with your national priorities and links to your national agenda. It is probably wise to seek a theme that speaks to a broader audience than social workers, but still of course is linked to social work.

Activities could be very varied, partly addressing social workers (conferences/meetings etc.), and partly externally focused (press conferences, petitions to Parliament/Government).

Seeking alliances would be helpful (social agencies and institutions, the educational sector (especially schools of social work), user groups, other organizations etc.).

The main idea is to bring out a positive message from social work, making people aware of our contributions to society, and giving social workers a sense of recognition of and pride in the profession.

We ask you to kindly send us information about how you plan to celebrate/have celebrated the World Social Work Day in your country for inclusion in the IFSW Web Site. Please provide a link to you web site or other relevant web sites if possible.

Some other ideas include:

Gathering greetings from others to social workers on the day. This could include central or local government, other organizations etc.

When you select a national focus for the WSSD, make sure that you provide information about the topic in focus such as a fact sheet and also that you make sure that you inform the public how social workers deal with the challenges and what recommendations we have for remedies.

Another idea is to give awards to social workers who have contributed in the area, and why not also consider awarding others outside social work who have been supportive of social work efforts?

Develop Press Release(s) and ensure that they are distributed broadly. Press releases can be focused on national or local concerns. A Press Release is attached, please use it as you see fit.

Best regards and good luck with your arrangements for the World Social Work Day 2008


Tom Johannesen
Secretary General
International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW)
Postfach 6875
Schwarztorstrasse 22
CH-3001 Berne
Tel (41) 31 382 6015
Fax (41) 31 382 1125
E-mail: global@ifsw.org
Web: www.ifsw.org

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